How To Pick a Topic For A Blog?

Step 1: Decide what kind of blog you will create:

You have two options available to you for the blog project. You can do a blog that simply covers internet marketing and social media and the different aspects about it that you learn throughout the semester. If you don’t want to write about Internet Marketing you can do a blog about something that interests you.  I will give instructions for both types of blogs.

Option A: Standard Internet Marketing/Social Media Class Blog

You will write at least one blog post per week throughout the semester.  This could be a post that is reflective of your thinking about assigned readings; or maybe one about anything related to Internet Marketing, social media, online communities, and social networks — including your own experiences. Some weeks you will pick what you write about and other weeks I will give you the topic or title of a blog post.  More than two blog posts per week are suggested but not required.

Option B: Creative Blog

For this blog you can write about whatever interests you. As long as it does not offend anyone in the class you can write about whatever it is you want to.  It just has to be an original idea. You cannot copy the exact same idea as another site.  You need to differentiate yours.  It is easy to be similar, but different.  If you need help exploring an option send me an email. The only stipulation is that this cannot be a “Reflection blog.” A lot of people in their class introductions wrote that they want to do a health or fitness blog.  That is fine. But I don’t want you to write about what you eat every day and the Crossfit workout you did that day. Instead, your blog needs to be very structured, it needs to offer value to your readers and it needs to provide valuable information. So, rather than talking about your daily diet your blog title might be something like “Simple, Affordable Paleo Tips and Tricks For College Student On A Budget.”  Then an example blog post might be something like “5 incredible Paleo crock pot recipes that cost under $10!”

Step 2: When you come up with an  idea for your blog you should write down a couple things so you can make sure it is feasible.

  1. What is the main idea of the blog topic?
  2. What types of information can be added to this blog each week?
  3. Why will this blog be interesting?

Remember, you will have to blog about the topic you pick each week. People often think of blog posts as personal reflections, rants, or arguments, but the quintessential blog post is a link surrounded by context. Not all blog posts contain links, but links are at the heart of blogging. As a rhetoric, bloggers can use the medium of a blog to entertain, inform, incite, dispute, organize, depending on the voice and stance they take.

Strive in your blog posts for critical, informative, performative, public voices. Show me that you are thinking about the core issues of the course and share your learning with the rest of the class, as well. Entertainment value is a plus, but critical public voice is required.

The other students and the instructor are the public in this class. A public differs from an audience because members of the public are potentially active; instead of simply absorbing what you publish, members of a public can talk back — comment on your post, link to you, argue or agree, even join you in collective action in cyberspace or the physical world.

Step 3: Now that you have clarified this idea to yourself, go online and research other websites and/or blogs that are similar to your idea using Google.

  1. Which other blogs and websites are similar to yours?
  2. Are there similar types of information that all these sites give amongst themselves? What information is missing?
  3. What can you do to your blog that would make a person want to visit your site instead of these competitors?  What value would you give your readers? What would you make your competitive advantage?
  4. What are some of the things or features of these other sites and blogs that they can provide that you probably won’t be able to? Each week you will be adding information to your blog through blog posts.

Step 4: Pick a URL and write a post

Once you decide what type of blog you want to write you need to select a URL for the blog. Go to and create a new blog. The URL for the blog will be something like this:

After that, pick your template. Now that your template is picked out, practice writing a post. Write a quick introductory post about what your blog will be about.  Then for your first post you can write up anything you want! You should play around with all the different settings and formats to familiarize yourself with the blogger format.

Complete “Blog Project Assignment 1” in which is in the content section of blackboard.